Patent Illustrations
Prepared by Stone Consulting Services, LLC

Thank you for your interest in Stone Consulting Services, Inc., an engineering
consulting firm specializing in the drafting of patent illustrations.

SCS provides concise illustrations that accurately portray an invention as required
by counsel. The company is well versed in the drafting rules and regulations as
set forth in the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and the Patent Cooperation
Treaty Regulations, and can provide drawings for US, PCT, and foreign national or
regional applications.

Stone Consulting Services has the expertise and equipment required to produce
top-quality illustrations using a Computer Aided Design system or pen and ink.
Exemplary patent illustrations prepared by SCS using CAD are available for your perusal.

Extensive experience in engineering, architecture, drafting, machine design and related
fields enhances Stone Consulting Services' ability to provide clients with the wide
variety of views, schematics, tables, and graphs often required to depict an invention.
Years of interacting with others in technical fields assures attention to detail, prompt
service, and effective communication with inventors and counsel. The attached resume' describes such previous experience in greater detail.

Other services offered by SCS include audio/visual courtroom presentations, machine
design, and architectural design. Please contact John Stone at SCS for more information
on these and other services provided by Stone Consulting Service.